Kevin Bate

Welcome students of all ages and abilities!  


Mr. Bate offers lessons in Birmingham, Alabama.  With over a decade of teaching experience, Mr. Bate creates a welcoming learning environment for new and experienced students.


Students will learn proper posture and technique while focusing on a beautiful sound in their music making.  All individual lessons will be custom-tailored to the student based on their personal learning process and physical capabilities.


As a former student of world renowned cello soloist and a noted pedagogue, Janos Starker, Mr. Bate strives to pass on the traditions he learned to the next generation of cellists .  Mr. Bate uses Starker’s “An Organized Method of String Playing” for all levels of students in order to solidify their technique and to create familiarity with the geography of the instrument.


Mr. Bate’s experience as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestra musician, and contemporary music enthusiast allow him to craft a balanced and unique music plan.  Musical selections are covered from the Baroque period to Modern music.


Private lessons are held on a weekly basis.  Students are expected to prepare for their lessons to the best of their ability.



Rate for private lessons:

$50/ 60 minute lesson

$40/ 45 minute lesson